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The Top 50 Kayak Blogs

Top 50 Kayak Blogs

You love kayaking!?

Us too!

And when we're not on the water, we love reading through some of the top kayak blogs on the internet!

A good kayak blog offers tons of tutorials and pictures from their adventures.​

We looked far and wide and found the top 50 kayak blogs that you need to be following.

Please Note: The blogs featured here are arranged in no particular order. We're fans of all of them.

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Canoe Kayak

Canoe Kayak is an excellent site for anyone who enjoys canoeing, kayaking, and the outdoor life in general. This site has everything to cater to outdoorsy people, including articles and firsthand experiences of exciting travel adventures, daily photos to activate the adventurous spirit in you, and reviews of great outdoor products.

Paddling Light

Paddling Light is a really great site for anyone who wants a quick,fun read from time to time. On this blog, you can find detailed coverage of kayaking events, as well as reviews of different projects and lots of great photos.

Chris Hiprave

Competitive kayakers unite at the Chris Hipgrave website. This fun website features detailed reviews and recaps of kayak races, competitions, and events held all over the United States. This is a great site for learning more about what competition is like or just psyching yourself up for your own competition.

Water Girls at Play

There is a real shortage of female-themed and oriented websites and content in the kayaking world. Fortunately, though, WaterGirlsatPlay.com attempts to bridge the gap. This site has lots of great information for kayakers- both male and female, but women will certainly delight at being more represented in the kayaking community.


Kokatat is a great blog for kayakers from all kinds of different backgrounds and walks of life. In fact, just about every type of kayaker is represented in the stories and experiences shared here. To read about kayaking events from the perspective of people of all genders, ages, and experience levels, Kokatat is a great resource.

Kayak Session

While reading about kayaking experiences is all well and good, sometimes you just want to watch some action-packed videos! Fortunately, that's exactly what Kayak Session offers. This site has tons of great, heart-pounding videos, and there's a pretty cool store too.

Austin Kayak

Austin Kayak is probably one of the best kayaking sites out there just because it combines a lot of different things into one. For example, you can go there to read articles and personal experiences, but there are also news stories and details on upcoming events, so there really is something for everyone and lots to see on the site.


A lot of the sites that talk about kayaking and kayaking related topics are sponsored by kayak makers and other related companies. This makes it very difficult to get an honest, unbiased point of view on relevant topics. Fortunately, though, there is Unsponsored, which offers paddling news and reviews from a completely untarnished perspective- making it a must for any serious kayaker.

Werner Paddles

Werner Paddles is a great kayaking blog with some amazing pictures. The posts range in category from kayak fishing to adventure kayaking and everything in between, but no matter what the topic, you're always guaranteed some fascinating pictures like you won't find anywhere else.

Kayak Quixotica

Kayak Quixotica is a fascinating personal blog by a kayaker. Not every post has to do with kayaking, but most of them do, and even the ones that don't are a pretty interesting diversion and are obviously told from someone with a kayaker's spirit.

Jackson Kayak

Jackson Kayak is a really great site for anyone who is looking to buy a new or used kayak since it connects buyers with sellers. However, you don't have to be shopping in order to benefit from this great site. It also has articles, reviews, and more.

Paddle World

Paddle World has its own magazine, which is pretty popular in the kayaking community. However, it also has a really cool website, and you don't have to be a subscriber to check it out for free. It has lots of great kayaking videos and also a decent store.

Kayak Connection

Kayak Connection is a really good blog and kayaking news sites thatcovers events and happenings in Elkhorn Slough and Santa Cruz Harbor. It also offers rentals in these areas, but even for people who aren't planning on visiting, the site has really good information and posts.

Sterling's Kayaks

Sterling's Kayaks and Fiberglass is a site connected to a business that sells kayaks and kayak-related products. However, it is not focused just on trying to sell things. It also has great blogs on kayaking topics, so it's a cool thing to read even if you're not shopping.

Adventure Kayak Outfitters

Adventure Kayak Outfitters is a really great blog that explores different areas that are perfect for kayakers to visit. If you are planning to travel and/or are looking for the perfect location to visit for a kayaking themed vacation, this is a great site to visit to get ideas and learn about other people's experiences in different locales.

Irene's Kayaking Blog

Irene's Kayaking Blog is one of the best of its kind because it covers such a wide range of topics- plus, the cute photos of the author's dog/mascot don't hurt either! There are blogs with kayaking tips, blogs about other kayakers, and a whole lot more; it's easy to spend hours on this site!

Kayaking with Ilene Price

Kayaking with Ilene Price is a great blog that focuses mostly on the writer's adventures with sea kayaking. Best of all, if you're interested, you can book a kayaking trip/tour with Ilene herself! I haven't done that yet, but her blogs are really making me consider it!

Pro Kayak Fishing

Some people kayak because they love to kayak. Other people kayak because they love to fish. If you're in that second category, then Pro Kayak Fishing is definitely for you. Unlike other blogs that focus on kayaking competitions and trips, this one is all about kayak fishing, including great tips and tricks that really come in handy.

Chelsea Kayak Club

I really like the Chelsea Kayak Club blog. Even if you are not from the area, it's still fun to read about the different kayaking experiences and look at the great pictures that each blog includes. Every time I read this blog, it makes me want to get out there and go kayaking!

Elaine Campbell Kayaking

There are not nearly enough kayaking blogs written by women, but Elaine Campbell Kayaking is the exception. She writes a great blog about her kayaking experiences. Her writing isn't specifically geared toward women, though, so her blog is one that any kayaker can enjoy…though it's definitely nice to get a female perspective.

Paddle and Pedal Atlantic Adventures

Paddle and Pedal Atlantic Adventures is run by a kayaking company that offers expeditions and other fun services. However, even if you don't plan on booking a tour or a lesson through the service, the blog and other information on the site is still relevant and interesting.

Canoe and Kayak Oregon

If you live in Oregon, Canoe and Kayak Oregon is a great resource for learning about local kayaking events and news. If you're not in Oregon, though, the site still has helpful information on kayaking in general and lots of great info if you're planning a trip there.

Expedition Kayaks

One of the best kayak blogs around, at least in my opinion, is Expedition Kayaks. What I really like about it is that the writer of the blog, Mark, has almost twenty years of kayaking experience, so he really knows his stuff and offers a lot of great insights.

NB Kayak Fishing

If you're into fishing, then you'll probably like the NB Kayak Fishing blog. Not only is it a blog about fishing that's full of great tips to help you catch "the big one," but it also has some cool photos and videos as well.

Woman on Water

Woman on Water is one of those rare kayaking blogs told from a female perspective. I particularly like reading about the kayaking trips she has been on; she gives lots of detail that can be useful in planning your own trips.

Travel in Kayak

Travel in Kayak is one of the newer kayaking sites, and so far, it is really great. It is mainly about kayaking in Italy, so it doesn't necessarily pertain to everyone, but it's really interesting no matter where you happen to live.

Kayak Fishing Blog

There are a lot of blogs about kayak fishing, but the simply named Kayak Fishing Blog is one of the few that is geared toward people in the UK. In this way, it really fills a much-needed gap and provides a lot of good information for English people.

My Newfoundland Kayak Experience

My New Foundland Kayak Experience is a really good blog that is true to its name. And, while the blog posts themselves are great, one of the best things about this site is the photography that accompanies the posts; it's truly phenomenal!

Where is Baer?

Do you like reading about other people's travel adventures? If so, then you'll love Where is Baer?. More like a blog than a traditional site, this internet spot contains colorful, narrative descriptions of different travel locales around the globe, complete with pictures.

Colorado Kayak

The Colorado Kayak Blog is really unique because it actually focuses on whitewater kayaking. There are a ton of blogs for ocean kayaking or kayaking in general but hardly any focused on this type of kayaking specifically. That fact alone makes this blog different and worth reading.

Stuart Sea Kayak

Stuart Sea Kayak is a really informative blog for anyone who enjoys doing their kayaking in the ocean. The blog is mostly focused on kayaking in South Wales and the surrounding areas, but the great tips and stories make it a fun read no matter where you live.

Adventurous Experiences

AdventurousExperiences is a great name for a kayaking blog, but it isn't just a kayaking blog.The author does write about kayaking a lot, but also about other adventures and expeditions, mostly based in the Isle of Man but still interesting no matter where you live.

Canadian CKayakyer

Canadian CKayaker is one of my favorite blogs! I love the way Michael details his experiences and the great photos that he includes with his blog posts. It's also great that he's just your "average Joe" who loves kayaking. His easy tone makes him very relatable.

Fat Paddler

Fat Paddler is great because it basically combines a lifestyle and fitness blog with a kayaking blog- talk about the best of both worlds. Plus, it writer, who lost a lot of weight through kayaking and time at the gym, is a real inspiration for anyone trying to get healthier.

Greenland or Bust

Greenland or Bust is nice because it's not just a blog. It is also a full-fledged website with merchandise. Plus, it's operated by a man and a woman, so two very different perspectives are available on every topic that the site covers.

Have Kayaks Will Travel

Have Kayaks Will Travel (talk about a great name) is really the business site for a husband and wife duo who offer paddlesport coaching. However, there is still a lot of good information on the site, so it is worth visiting even if you don't plan on using the services advertised.

Kayak Weather

Kayak Weather is a really amazing tool for every kayaker to have; in fact, it could be lifesaving. Through the site, kayakers can sign up for weather alerts and information that can help them to make smart, informed decisions about whether to go kayaking or not and when to come home from a trip.

Manhattan Kayak

Manhattan Kayak is a great website, and it's not just for kayakers either. While there's tons of information and interesting topics for kayakers to explore, the site also offers up information on paddle boarding and connects visitors with paddle boarding and kayaking classes.

Miles Paddled

If you like reading about other people's kayaking adventures then you will love the Miles Paddled blog. Here, you can read about kayaking expeditions that take place in Wisconsin. Whether you live in the state or not, however, the blog is fun to read!

Qaja Rolls

If you like kayaking and you also enjoy do it yourself (DIY) projects, then you'll probably loveQaja Rolls, the eclectic kayaking blog with a little bit of everything. Learn about the best kayaking accessories or how to build your own rolling kayak; it's all there and ready on the Qajaq Rolls blog!

Air Kayaks

Air Kayaks is a really good site for anyone who is in the market for kayaks or for kayak related accessories. This site offers honest reviews of kayaks and other relevantproducts,making it a place that you should definitely check out before you buy anything!

Sherri Kayaks

Sherri Kayaks is based in Wisconsin and can connect locals to kayaking and other paddle sports classes in the area. The company also rents kayaks and offers special expeditions, but even if you don't plan to use it for that, it's a great site for getting kayaking information and tips that are applicable anywhere.

Trash Paddler

Trash Paddler is such a cool concept. It contains blog posts from an environmentally concerned kayaker who stops to pick up trash as he paddles. The adventures are fun to read about, and you can even get in on the action by purchasing your own "Brake for Trash" sticker.

Cape Falcon Kayaks

Cape Falcon Kayaks makes and sells amazing kayaks, but the site is worthwhile even if you're not planning on buying anything. Watching the building process, which you can do on the site, is really fascinating and can also be helpful if you're planning on building your own kayak someday.

Board and Kayak Life

Board and Kayak Life is a simple little blog about (you guessed it!) the boarding and kayaking life! It's true to its name and, furthermore, it has some really great blogs, complete with action-packed pictures. You can read about tips, the best gear to buy, and a whole lot more on this blog.

Torso Rotation

Torso Rotation may be an odd name for a kayaking blog, but that's just because it's a whole lot more. Torso Rotation is more like a literary journal than a traditional blog, but it's all kayaking themed. You can read poems and stories all about your favorite sport.

Paddling with a Camera

Paddling with a Camera is a fun blog that, as you can imagine, combines both kayaking and photography. The pictures are probably the best part, and many people visit the site just to look at those…though it's also fun to read about the writer's kayaking adventures.

So, as you can see, there is no shortage of great kayaking blogs out there!

Every single one of these blogs gives you a front row seat to their kayaking adventures.

Is there a great kayaking blog you know of that didn't make our top 50?

We'd love to know!

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