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These are the Best Bowfishing Arrows You Should be Using

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When bowfishing, one of the greatest challenges is being able to hit your target in the right spot. To achieve this consistently requires a high degree of skill but the best bowfishing arrows sure do help.

Therefore, you should not ignore the importance of the bowfishing arrow. Although many bows and arrows come as a combined set, many often don’t realize that you can buy the arrow separately. Therefore, if you feel your arrow is impotent, do not be afraid to change and check out other arrows on the market.

This article will provide a buying-guide, YouTube reviews and product reviews to assist you in your decision-making processes when looking to buy the most suitable bowfishing arrow.

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What makes the best bowfishing arrows unique?

Many can get confused when looking to purchase arrows for bowfishing. You may assume that any arrow will be sufficient. Don't make this mistake. When scanning for different arrows, you will need to find one that has been specifically designed for bowfishing.

 You will notice the difference straight away.The main difference between the arrows used for bowfishing compared to archery is the strength and weight. Bowfishing arrows tend to be stronger and much heavier as they need to be able to pierce through the live target accurately.

Another key difference is that bowfishing arrows do not contain fletching. Arrows that do have fletching often lack accuracy by flaring to one side as it moves through the water. Whilst bowfishing arrows are more desirable. You can also use archery arrows, they will, however, lack the desired strength and accuracy.

How do you set up a bowfishing arrow?

To increase the chances of hitting your target, it is crucial to set up your arrow in the best possible way. Thankfully, the process should be straightforward, even for beginners, therefore take note and avoid simple mistakes.On the slide of the arrow, you will find grooves and notches which assist the string to ensure the arrow is pointed in the correct direction. An overhand knot is sufficient for securing the string, and you do not need to tie the arrow to the string of the bow. All you need is to establish a loop where the arrow will fix onto when it slides.

What are the different parts of a bowfishing arrow?

The shaft and point are the two key parts to the arrow. Often referred to as the backbone of the arrow, the shaft of a bowfishing arrow is heavy to ensure it deeply penetrates the target in the water.

Heavier shafts will ensure you will most likely win the battle against fish with tough scales. Some may be tempted to cut the length of the arrow for portability reasons. However, this is not recommended. The added length of the arrow is an advantage because it adds extra weight and therefore an increased hitting power when piercing the water and target.

The other part of the arrow is the arrow point. These are found at the end of the arrow, and they are the mechanism that pierces the fish when making contact. There are a variety of tips or heads for arrow points, and you should choose your arrow point depending on the type of fish you wish to catch.

It is worthwhile investing some time to work out exactly what fish you want to catch and the most suitable arrow point.Some simple examples are if you wish to catch large river carp, you will need a tip that has a rather high penetration power. Meanwhile, a lake gar only requires a small arrow to be effective.It is recommended that you purchase multiple size tips before going bowfishing.

This will give you added flexibility and productivity on the water as you will be able to catch a variety of different fish. This also enables your shaft to be multipurpose which is a very useful asset on the water. 

Arrow point designs can vary significantly. The two common designs are broadhead and field tip. The broadhead tip contains two to four blades and is well-equipped to pierce through larger and tougher fish whereas the filed tip has one thin and sharp tip which is most suitable for catching smaller fish.

It is also recommended that you purchase an arrow with a safety slide system. This is an extra accessory that many will not purchase. The slide system allows you to maintain the line in front of the bow, therefore preventing any risk of tangling which can be enormously frustrating on the water.

What is the bowfishing arrow made of?

It is crucial that you understand the differences in bowfishing arrow materials because they are normally representative of the overall quality and price range of the arrow.

1. Fiberglass

Fiberglass is the most affordable option when it comes to arrow materials. They are more than sufficient for average rigs. Most fiberglass arrows offer a decent degree of durability and can withstand general wear and tear. An issue with fiberglass arrows, however, is that there are common cases of the straight spine of the arrow becoming compromised and not being fit for purpose. If you are new to bowfishing, you may wish to test out a fiberglass arrow to see whether you enjoy the method, before purchasing more expensive arrows.

2. Carbon

The more modern bowfishing arrows are made from a carbon material. Carbon arrows are certainly at the higher end of the market, but that price comes with some advantages. For example, the spine of the arrow is much straighter which increases the likelihood of you making accurate shots. Furthermore, carbon arrows are better at handling impact enabling them to withstand higher draw weights.

3. Hybrids

Hybrid arrows do exactly what you think. Combining fiberglass and carbon in an attempt to get the best of both worlds. Using both materials, hybrids do tend to guarantee high-level performance at a decent price. If you are unsure about fiberglass and carbon individually, a hybrid arrow is certainly worth trying.

How to choose an arrow for bowfishing

Here are some general tips worth following before purchasing a bowfishing arrow:

You must read product reviews online. These will help you gain knowledge from a vast array of experiences of other product users. It is useful to track down reviewers with a similar experience level to enhance your understanding. The benefit of this exercise is that you will be able to identify the positives and negatives of each product and relate that to your own bowfishing experience.

Don't just think about the price. Think about your budget and your context. The cheapest option will often lack the desired quality on the water. Therefore, you should identify exactly what your goals are and then set a suitable budget to achieve the goal. You would much rather spend a little more and have a much more fruitful bowfishing experience.

Heavier arrows are much more effective. Therefore, if you are deciding between multiple options, weight is probably the most significant factor in influencing your chances of success.

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This fiberglass arrow by AMSFishing is one of the best bowfishing arrows. Like most AMS products, this is one you can trust. The cyclone arrow point provides remarkable penetration with the arrow comfortable piercing through carp between ½ lbs to 50 lbs.

Despite largely performing well, the fiberglass material arrow encounters some durability difficulties. Even if you don't hit rocks are other water-based obstructions, it is more than likely that this fiberglass arrow will splinter when used. This consequently affects the penetration and accuracy of the arrow.

Furthermore, the arrow tip is glued in rather than being held by a rolling pin. This increases the chances of losing your arrow point in the water which can be particularly frustrating.

There is, however, a small hole in the arrow point where a rolling pin can be inserted by drilling through the arrow shaft. This is quite a technical exercise and should come as part of the product specification. You may risk damaging the spine of the arrow by attempting this process.

Nonetheless, for the affordable price, you can certainly get decent use of this bowfishing arrow. Don't however, expect this to be a long-term investment.

This arrow is constructed with white fiberglass and by containing tougher barbs, offers an additional holding power when targeting fish with soft flesh. The barbs on this model are 30% larger than the original piranha which increases the chances of a catching a greater variety of fish.

This product is also a more affordable option and is, therefore, best recommended for beginners and inexperienced bowfishers.

Similar to other fiberglass arrows, the piranha long barb also suffers from long-term durability issues. It is for you to decide as to whether you would prefer a cheaper option in the short term or a more expensive option for the long term.

Nonetheless, reviews of performance are currently positive which bodes well.

This fiberglass arrow by Truglo has a premium grade stainless tip designed to pierce through even the toughest of fish. A bonus of the Truglo arrow is the fluorescent green colored shaft which increases visibility in the water.

 A common issue experienced by bowfishers is losing sight of the arrow when in the water as darker colored materials naturally camouflage. Therefore this arrow is effective in minimizing the risk of invisibility.

Furthermore, the arrow has an ultra-slim neck diameter which is designed to improve the accuracy of the arrow when in operation. 

This can be a huge help to novice bowfishers.The slide safety system that comes with this arrow is also very beneficial providing smooth shots as well as easy and reliable retrieval of the bow after you have completed a shot.

Whilst it is worthwhile purchasing a backup arrow point as relying on the single tip which comes with this product may leave you stuck, the general construction of the arrow is of a very high quality, and they have ensured the user is guided throughout the setup process with a particularly detailed instruction manual.

This fiberglass arrow from AMSFishing differs from the chaos arrow point model by including heat treated tips and barbs to ensure high performance of a long period. Unlike the other fiberglass models, this model is particularly focused on durability.

To release the barbs on this model all you need to do is to loosen the tip. The beauty of this model is that the tip does not need to be removed, which ensures the product is much more practical than other fiberglass bowfishing arrows.

Although considerably more expensive compared to other fiberglass arrows, it is clear that the investment in the strong stainless-steel barb and tip construction, will pay dividends through ensuring a quality and productive bowfishing over a long period.

That said, fiberglass is still less durable compared to carbon and hybrid arrows. Therefore, you will need to consider whether a more expensive fiberglass model is worth it if your main consideration is long-term durability.

This set of fiberglass arrows provided by e5e10 come as a set of 6 arrows which are constructed from solid fiberglass. The arrows tips are also fitted with a quick release mechanism which allows you to remove the fish from the tip with two turns of the tip.

What you may be frustrated with when looking at this product is that the tips are replaceable, which suggests they are not the most long-lasting.

It may be an added burden if you always have to consider how many tips you have with you on the water. Other models which have particularly strong and well-fitted tips may be more appealing to some bowfishers.

One of the main advantages of this product is the fact that for an affordable price you get six arrows. This is very generous for the price compared to other fiberglass products on the market.

However, the number of arrows on offer may appear slightly suspicious as the durability of one arrow may not be very reliable.Nonetheless, feedback on performance has been overwhelmingly positive, and it is clear that with the introduction of the nock, safety slide and practical arrow tips, that this bowfishingarrow design has considered usability at the forefront of the product design, and that should be commended.

This product is perfect for beginners who may not trust themselves with arrow maintenance and would appreciate the fall-back position of having six arrows to choose from.


It is evident that there are many different considerations you must appreciate before purchasing a bowfishing arrow. Although this article has only reviewed fiberglass arrows, there are carbon and hybrid models which may better suit your bowfishing needs.

It is crucial that you first understand what type of fish you want to catch and the water conditions that you will be fishing in as this determines the type of arrow that is most suitable.

Simple rules to follow are that heavier arrows have the best penetration in the water and more likely to ensure a lethal shot. Secondly, you should shop around to compare prices and reviews of certain models.

It is also important to note how many arrows come with a certain product as in the reviews, the number of arrows purchased per price vary. If you are new to bowfishing, you may want to reduce the pressure on yourself by purchasing a product that comes with multiple arrows. Therefore, if you were to damage you at least have some replacements.

Finally, visibility is also very important when purchasing the best bowfishing arrows. Therefore, you should consider the environment in which you are fishing and purchase arrows which have a high degree of visibility. There is nothing more frustrating than purchasing an arrow that when detached is impossible to locate in the water.


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