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SUP vs Kayak Fishing: Which one is the Clear Winner?

SUP vs Kayak Fishing

Fishing using a stand-up paddle board (SUP) or a kayak is nothing new. However, in the last few years, these methods have increased in popularity due to their relaxing factor and the sports element added in the mix. Today, we will take a look at SUP fishing vs. kayak fishing.

Is the SUP Good for Fishing?

You might be wondering why someone would spend their money on a SUP instead of getting a boat or a kayak. The answer is straightforward: it costs less, and it offers a wide array of benefits. Let’s check a couple of them:

It offers more room for movement

Have you ever been in a boat or a kayak when fishing? How does it feel when you cast your rod? We know, it is not a pleasant experience and it can end up pretty quickly in a stupid accident.

In reality, you don’t have much room to move, which makes fishing uncomfortable and not that recreational after all. However, with a SUP, you can stand up, and you will have more room to cast your rod.

It offers an excellent vantage point

Fishing requires a lot of information about your prey. Are there any fish around me? How many are there? With a kayak, you will have a hard time getting those answers, but with a SUP, you will know whether you are wasting your time or not.

The SUP is more agile than a kayak

While the kayak offers many advantages in different scenarios, the SUP wins hands down when it comes down to agility. That means that it is a great tool for fishing, especially when you need to move fast or do a quick maneuver.

It is quieter than a kayak

Again, the kayak can be pretty quiet but it is the SUP that can go almost entirely silent, and that is a major factor when it comes to fishing. No matter how fast you are or what bait you use, if you aren’t quiet, you will lose your prey.

The SUP is much more comfortable

It is true that a raft or something resembling a raft (a SUP) will always be more comfortable than a boat. Well, this type of comfort will be of very much help when you go fishing.

On a SUP, you will always have more room to move, to stretch, to change position and so on. On a kayak, you are stuck there, and it can become uncomfortable after a certain period.

Is the Kayak Good for Fishing?

Do you want to know if the kayak is better than the SUP when it comes to fishing? Read on! Also, you can watch this YouTube video and discover some of the advantages of kayak fishing.

Heavy winds are not good for SUPs

What if you want to go somewhere where the wave activity is heavier, the wind is stronger and so on? In that case, a kayak is a perfect choice because it occupies less room.

That factor is critical because the kayak isn’t affected by the wind or the water currents as much as a SUP. A part of you is in the kayak, and because of your weight, the kayak will stick more to the water.

Cold will not be your enemy

If you are on a SUP, the chances are that you will freeze because your whole body is exposed. However, in a kayak, you will feel much warmer because a big part of your body will be in the kayak.

Kayaks are much more stable than SUPs

You will never know when an obstacle will affect your SUP. When that happens, the chances are that you are going to fall into the water. 

How to Keep Fish When Kayak Fishing

Kayaks are much more stable than SUPs because they were designed for this purpose. Not only that but if you fall in the water when you are in your kayak, you can simply roll out of it.

Kayaks are great for storage

If you want something stored in a kayak, you have plenty of space to put everything you want. We cannot say the same thing about SUPs.

SUP vs. Kayak Fishing - What Should I Choose?

If you want to be ready for everything and you are serious about fishing, then the kayak is for you. It has a lot of features that can make the fishing experience much better.

SUPs, on the other hand, are much simpler and can do an excellent job on calm waters. So, the choice depends on your experience and needs.


  1. Great article! So many things I didn’t consider before reading it. The vantage point from a SUP is money. Excellent point. However the benefits of kayak fishing in the video are spot on as well! Still undecided but wish I was in a position to just get both! Thanks!


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