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The Perfect SUP Fishing Setup to Catch Fish All Day

SUP Fishing Set Up

Fishing is RELAXING.

Throwing your line out, watching it collide with the water and the ensuing ripple effect; then feeling the fish attack your bait and reelin' that sucker in… nothin’ quite beats it.

Finding the perfect SUP fishing setup, however, can be a little less relaxing.

I want to help you sift through all of the nonsense and get down to what is the gear you need to set you to paddle board up for fishing, how to set it up, and as a bonus a few SUP fishing tips that can help you enjoy a beautiful day of fishing.

Sup Fishing Setup

How you set you SUP up for fishing is going to depend on the board and equipment you buy, and your personal style. With new designs coming out every day the possibilities are soon to be endless. However, stick to at least the basics, and you’ll do fine.

What’s the SUP Fishing Gear I Need?

Your sup fishing gear is going to depend on the paddle board you have. For instance, if you have a SUP designed for fishing, it’s going to come with a bunch of the stuff you’d want already built in—fishing rod holder, lots of places to tie down, and a perfect spot for a cooler!

Let's just assume you don’t have a paddle board made specifically for fishing, that way we won’t leave anything out!

Let's knock the basics out first:

Fishing Pole: Most of yall into fishing have already nailed down your favorite rod and reel!

Tackle Box: Since space on a SUP is limited; you’ll want to carry a small one with just the necessities.

Net: I am a huge advocate for catch and release, and the less we get our hands on the fish, the more likely they will be able to survive their encounter with our hooks!

These are the essentials to ANY fishing trip…

SUP fishing is a little unique, though.

So to set up our SUP for fishing, we are going to want a cooler, pole holders, and bungee cords. Thankfully to make it simple, there are plenty of coolers with built on fishing pole holders, or if you're a fan of Yeti, they offer cooler fishing pole attachments like this.

Also, one of the best investments a beginner SUP fishermen can make in their boards in stabilizers. They help you out when you're fighting a fish; it’s hard enough to balance as is, after all.

SUP Fishing Tips that will Help you Reel in the Big Ones!

Are you excited yet? Ready to get your feet wet? Wait until you read these sup fishing tips!

Just bring what you need!

Like with anything, it’s easy to get carried away and bring way more than what you need for a successful SUP fishing trip. Until you master paddle boarding, you want to keep the stuff your carry on you to a minimum. Balancing yourself is difficult enough, add a cooler and a few rods to the mix and it only makes it that much more challenging.

Don’t over react when setting the hook!

Trust me; I get just as excited as the next guy once I feel that bite, but you have to keep in mind where it is you’re standing. You don’t want to slam that rod back with all your weight, lose your balance, fall into the water, and worst of all lose the fish.

Tie everything down!

Capsizing is a definite possibility; always keep that in mind. To prevent that feeling of dread as you watch your supplies scurry off with the flow of the current, always have everything tied or strapped down while you’re paddling.

Once you set anchor and get ready to cast you can untie the supplies you need, but when you aren’t using the, it’s always a good idea to tie them back down.

What to Bring on a SUP Fishing Trip

A long day on the water can be exhausting, and if you’re not properly prepared, can be extremely dangerous. Before you head out on your fishing trip, SUP in tow, double-check that you have everything you need…

First, you need your board… I know this seems silly to even mention, but you’re going to want to make sure you have a wide board with excellent stability. If you land a fighter on the other end of your line, trust me, stability is what you’ll want most.

Fishing equipment: This is your poles(bring at least two), tackle box, and any bait you plan on using.

Polarized Sunglasses: Polarized sunglasses help you see into the water and spot big fish.

Sunscreen: There is no sense in destroying your skin trying to preserve a tough guy persona.

Life Jacket: I know, I know… another uncool thing. However, when you’re on the water you never know what will happen.

Waterproof Bag: This is for the important things like your phone or keys. It never hurts to spring for the waterproof bag with a built in floatation device.

Anchor: Once you make it to your favorite fishing spot and you’re ready to cast out, it never hurts to have you an anchor to help to keep you from floating away. This means; less time paddling and more time fishing!

Flashlight: We’ve all told ourselves just one more cast probably hundreds of times, so you should always go prepared for light and dark.

First Aid: Another unsexy pick, but very necessary.

Drinks and Food: You need to make sure your​ cooler has plenty of drinking water and snacks to last your trip.

Why Fish on a Paddle Board?

Fishing on a paddle board vs. a kayak, boat or off the shore has a ton of advantages working in its favor. Just to names a few: mobility and vantage point.

I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to my local lake stood on the shore only to spend hours watch fish jump just outside my range… infuriating right? Fishing on a paddle board, though, is an entirely different story. You can head out to the open water or come in close and fish the shore.

You’re probably thinking, Well why don’t I just fish out of Kayak? True, fishing out of a Kayak does offer this same unique mobility, where the SUP outshines the Kayak though is your vision of the water.

Since you’re going to be standing, instead of sitting, you’re going to get a better view of the water, and the vantage point will help you spot fish better than you could while sitting in the water with your eyes just a few feet from water level.

Fishing on a paddle board allows you to pretty much fish anywhere—what's not to like about that? How do you like your SUP fishing setup?

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