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A Kastking Reels Review to End all Reviews

Kastking Reels Review

It’s a beautiful time to be a fishing enthusiast. Not only are there a huge variety of fishing rods available in an ever-increasing market, unlike previous generations, fishers now have access to reels.

Back in the day, fishing meant using a rod and line to tug fish from the water when they come to bite. With modern reel technology from Kastking, fishing is now far easier than the old practice—and far more effective.

Quick Top 5  Kastking Reels:

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Here is our Kastkings Review Buying Guide:

Kastking is one of the newest company's to the fishing industry. Since their birth, they have experienced skyrocketing rapid growth in popularity.

The brand has been known to focus on high-quality products at reasonable prices. This buying guide and review of products will leave you wanting to explore the Kastking’s innovative fishing technology.

What are the different features of the Kastking Reels?

There are a variety of reels with different features depending on what type of fishing you wish to do. It is important for you to understand exactly what type of features will enable you to fish most effectively in your own context.

The types of well-known reels are:

Spincast Reel

Also referred to as "push button reels." This reel is perfect for beginners because it is very user-friendly and straightforward to operate.

Spincast reels tend to be at the cheaper end of the market and therefore may be limited in some aspects of performance.

Spinning Reel

The spinning reel is more popular amongst experienced fishermen. It is mainly located at the bottom of the rod. The reel is very adaptable and can be used in a variety of fishing contexts. However, to operate this reel, you need a good degree of skill and control.

Baitcasting Reel:

Professional fishers often opt for a baitcasting reel. This reel is more complicated to use and is therefore not recommended for beginners. To understand more about the differences between baitcasting and spinning reels check out this guide from SPRO.

It is perfect for catching larger fish by providing increased levels of control and accuracy. It also has long-lasting durability and can certainly pull its weight against monstrous fish.

How should you pick the most suitable reel?

If you are new to reel fishing, the market can seem a little daunting.

Below are some factors you should consider before picking the reel that most suits your fishing needs:


You will see many different levels of power on different reels. Make sure you pick the reel that has a relevant amount of power to the environment that you are fishing in. For example, large ocean fishing will require a powerful reel compared to river fishing.

Brake system

An interesting feature of reels are the brake systems. The braking system prevents any tangling in your line caused by the lure and ever-moving spool.

Magnetic and centrifugal are the two types of brake system available in reels. The magnetic systems use a magnet and spool to prevent any moving of the line stop. The centrifugal brake uses a pin system as the mechanism to prevent backlash.

Spool: Handle Ratio

It is important to consider the ratio of rotations made by the spool for one turn of the handle. For example, a ratio of 6.8:1 means for every one turn of the handle, there are 6.8 rotations of the spool.

A general rule is that the larger the ratio, the more suitable it is for catching smaller fish. A small ratio is better for larger fish.


It is vital to buy a reel that will last you more than one fishing trip. Plastic reels are famously vulnerable to being broken soon after purchase.

Aluminum or other metal reels are much stronger and durable materials for a reel and are more likely to catch big fish.


Depending on what size of fish you want to catch, you must purchase a reel with a realistic size. For large fish, it is worthwhile buying a larger reel container a thicker line and greater capacity.

Reactive Dragging System

To catch larger fish more reliably, it is recommended purchasing a reel with a reactive dragging system. This kind of reel enables a much more straightforward drag without fear of jerking. Using a high-quality reactive dragging system also ensures you won’t have any fear of line breakage or loss of tackle when dueling against large fish.

Appropriate Bearings

To provide smooth movement in the spinning, buying a reel with appropriate bearings is very important. The best reels have five bearings which are an anti-reverse, main gear, roller bearing, line roller and main shaft.

It is worth checking on the product specification as to whether a reel contains all of these bearings.


Check whether your reel has this feature which is highly useful in stopping sudden relaxation of the reel handle. In most cases, the anti-reverse technology can be operated by a switch or lever. This feature certainly adds an extra layer of reassurance to your fishing experience.  

A Few Other Considerations

  • To have a greater chance of catching big fish, it is recommended you own a reel with high line capacity as well as multiple bearings.
  • You must know what your skill level and limitations are before purchasing a reel. Be honest with yourself. Otherwise, you risk losing a lot of money on a reel that is not suitable for you.
  • If you go fishing regularly, you will want to pick a reel that needs minimal maintenance to make your fishing experience smoother.
  • It is ideal to have some technical knowledge about the parts of a reel to get you out of a potentially difficult situation while fishing. It is therefore recommended that you do some research about the parts and mechanisms of reels before purchasing.
  • Different water conditions affect the type of reel you should purchase. There are different reels for freshwater and saltwater fishing:
  • Freshwater in rivers or lakes has water that is calmer, therefore, requiring a simpler reel to fish.
  • Catching saltwater fish requires a much greater level of skill and strength. The saltwater fishing rod is generally higher in quality and will last for a much longer period. The reel is constructed with a strong material to prevent any short-term damage from saltwater.

This is Our Final Word About Kastking Reels Review:

Hopefully, by now, you feel more confident in selecting the most suitable reel for you.

If, however, you are still confused, we recommended that you consult an expert in-store or an experienced fisher before purchasing a reel.

This buying guide should help you consider the various specifications that differ between reels to help you in your research before purchasing. Selecting a suitable reel will radically enhance your fishing experience and is very important to get it right—especially if you want to catch fish!

By purchasing a reel, you will notice an increased level of control to your fishing power, as well as an added level of speed and balance.

Reels also make fishing much more accessible.

For example, you can now catch fish much more easily with children. Furthermore, thanks to reel technology it is now possible to catch big fishes without needing a net.

If you want some basics on what a fishing reel is, check out the YouTube review below from Just Fishing, who gives a straightforward demonstration about what a spinning reel is and the different mechanisms.

This next section will discuss specific reels currently available to buy from Kastking. The hope is that when you follow the links, you consider all of the different aspects discussed in the buying guide before deciding which reel is most relevant to you.

Our Kastking Reels Review

For you to have the best fishing experience, Spartacus Plus is the one. It is a warrior! The braking system is advanced and adjustable due to the exceptional centrifugal and magnetic brakes.

The Kastking Spartacus Plus bait caster is a strong contender when it comes to Fish Stopping Power because of the carbon fiber drag which is noise free, smooth and simple.

The ball bearing is resistant to corrosion of any kind, and the aluminum spool makes the shaft stronger and rust-free. To enable smooth casting for your fishing experience, the gears are made of brass, and the handle knobs are made of rubber. With a 6.3:1 gear ratio, Kastking Spartacus bait caster saves you money while extending your years of pleasurable fishing. It is more powerful and smoother than any other brand of bait casters within its price range.

This reel enables you to go on a fishing mission without feeling tired due to its light-weight features. It has a bulletproof carbon construction body with side plates for added rigidity to handle extreme weights. Kastking New Assassin Baitcasting Reel has a smooth carbon fiber drag with great fish stopping power.

In cases of windy weather conditions, you are still covered, as the braking system is centrifugal and magnetic, letting you hit the bullseye every time you cast. To ensure a smooth casting experience, Kastking’s New Assassin Baitcasting Reel has a corrosion-resistant ball bearing, aero grade aluminum spool and a 6.3:1 ratio gears.  

For devastating hook sets, there is an instant anti-reverse stop. To ensure a guaranteed great baitcasting experience, Kastking Assassin comes with a one year warranty. It is available in both right or left handle models all with a laser for perfect focus.

If you are in need of a super-fast baitcasting reel, the Kastking Speed Demon Pro is the one. For smooth casting, this baitcasting reel has a manganese brass gears with a 9.3:1 gear ratio. It is suitable for casting in both saltwater and freshwater because the mainframe, side plates, handle and star drag are made of carbon fiber.

Even though it is lightweight, this reel is made with durable materials that enable it to be strong enough for toughest conditions. The golf style handle adds comfort and extra power for your casting in all weather conditions. For smooth casting and consistent high performance, Kastking uses a double shielded stainless steel bearing and a spool made of aircraft aluminum.  

The magnetic braking system makes it adjustable for any condition or size of the bait. It uses a Unique2 piece split the main shaft to increase casting distance and reduce gear noise.

This is an upgraded Sharky Fishing Reel that can handle anything from river to ocean. It is lighter, smoother and stronger compared to the first two generations of Sharking Fishing Reels.

It features a triple disc carbon fiber drag, stainless steel bearings, aluminum spool, manganese brass alloy gear, stainless steel main shaft and fiber reinforced body. All these create a perfect spinning rod and reel combo available in sizes 2000-5000, to provide great force for fighting larger fish and smooth performance during fishing.

With this third series of Sharky fishing reel, Kastking ensures that you enjoy fishing whilst keeping it affordable. The High-Density Eva Grips ensure complete control and are slip-free in the wettest conditions. The Exquisite Braid Ready Spool eliminates the need for backing, preventing the braided line from slipping whilst the Anti-Twist Line Roller ensures minimum line tangles and snarls.

As an addition to your fishing tackle reels, Kastking Summer/Centron Spinning reel ensures that you have a fun fishing experience.

With its attractive and brilliant finish, the two-color anodized aluminum spool has a power launch lip to enable farther casting and holds more line than competitor models that are much more expensive. Summer/Centron’s stop one-way anti-reverse bearing gives the spinning reel an ultra-smooth performance.

The streamlined graphite frame and balancing system make the Kastking Summer/Centron Spinning Reel extremely lightweight, ensuring you can fish for long hours without feeling tired. The drag system provides very strong stopping power for up to 17.5 LBs and the perfect mesh drive, precision machined gear, and a strong metal shaft gives the spinning reel an ultra-smooth performance.


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