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How to Use a Kayak Anchor Trolley to Stay in the Perfect Fishing Spot

how to use kayak anchor trolley

Nothing is better than kayak fishing.

Even more so, nothing is better than finding that perfect fishing spot!

Today, I show you how to use a kayak anchor trolley to become in charge of the waves--instead of the other way around.

Why you Need a Kayak Anchor Trolley

If you’re going to be kayak fishing, an anchor trolley is a must have. It’s one thing to find a good spot to cast out; it’s a whole other to not just drift to and fro with the waves. Trolley systems make your anchor adjustable, giving you full control of where you drop anchor.

Since an anchor trolley acts as an extended anchor cleat, you don’t have the need for multiple cleats. The rope that runs along the full length of the boat allows you to pick and choose the angle of the anchor depending on the wind and current. Choosing where to drop anchor is a skill you will slowly develop as you sharpen your skills as a kayak angler.

The kayak anchor you choose is solely up to personal preference. The great thing about anchor trolley systems is they’re compatible with most anchors.

Another great selling point of the trolley system is their affordability. It’s an inexpensive way to add lots of versatility to your kayak.

How to use a Kayak Anchor Trolley

Using a kayak anchor trolley is simple and is easy to reach. These are essential features for a kayak tool. We have such a limited amount of space to work with while we’re on the water, so having quick access to your anchor helps.

  • A rope is run through two eyelets that are sitting at both the nose and the tail end of your boat at the very top of the hull.
  • This system allows you to slide the rope through the eyelets to move your anchor from bow to stern, or anywhere in between.
  • Once you have the anchor is the position you want, use the clip attached to the anchor line to hold it in place or let it run all the way to the end of the boat.
  • Wait for the wind and current to take the anchor, making the line tight, and then start to cast.
  • After fishing, you can use the trolley to bring the main anchor line back to you by sliding the rope through the eyelets again. Pull the anchor back out of the water, and then head to your next spot!

For a good visual of the process, you can watch this video.

Kayak Anchor Pro Tips

Quick Release Anchor Clips

If you fish in an area with abnormally fast currents or high winds, it’s always best to use a quick-release anchor system. A quick release clip on your anchor is also a good idea if you’re in the ocean fighting big fish. You want to be able to be able to hold your pole in one hand and release the anchor in the other, or you could lose some fish.

Use a Pool Noodle for Your Float

Another quick tip, for a cheap and effective float for the top of your anchor line, use a pool noodle. They are bright and easy to see. Plus, they are more buoyant than a lot of floats.

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