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How to use a Kayak Cart: A Guide for Any Style of Kayak

How to use a Kayak Cart

Kayaks can be HEAVY.

Especially, bigger models that are loaded up for a full day of kayak fishing!

Learning how to use a kayak cart, will save you from the struggle of carrying an 80+ lbs kayak from your car to the water! Plus, it’s a safer way to transport the kayak helping it to last longer.

Different Types of Kayak Carts

The style of kayak you have will determine the style of kayak cart you need. Sit-on-top kayaks have scuppers (drain holes) to keep water from building up in the kayak. Sit-on-top kayak carts utilize these holes to grip onto the kayak.

Another popular style of kayak cart is what’s called the platform cart. These carts are universal because you’re just using them as a platform that you’re going to strap your kayak down to.

The biggest advantage the platform cart has over the scupper cart is how you load the kayak onto the cart. With the scupper cart, you have to turn your kayak on its side to place it on the cart. So, if you have any gear in the kayak, it’s going to fall out. However, with a platform cart, you just rest it on top and strap it down, making it perfect for a loaded kayak. Plus, with a platform cart, you’re not limited to where you can place it.

How to use a Kayak Cart

Scupper Hole Cart

  • Make sure to empty all of your gear from the kayak.
  • Flip the kayak on its side, and line up the pegs on the cart with your drain holes then slide it in.
  • Next, flip the kayak back right side up, and you’re ready to roll!

Platform Kayak Cart

  • Set your cart in the center of your kayak, just off to the side at an angle.
  • The closer to the center the cart is, the more of the weight it supports.
  • Next, pick the kayak up by its nose and slowly bring it over the cart.
  • After you set the kayak gently down on the cart, strap the kayak firmly into place.
  • The key to correctly strapping the kayak is starting from underneath the kayak and wrap the strap around one of the posts on the cart, and bring it back towards you. Then, bring it over the kayak to the other side and wrap it around the corresponding post on the other side before tightening it down.

Why you Should use a Kayak Cart

Your kayak is not something that you should risk banging this way and that. Instead, invest in a solid kayak cart, and never drag your kayak around again.

Carts are essential if you're a solo kayaker. Especially after a long day of paddling, nothing is worse than having to carry your kayak back to the truck with jello for arms! Most of the carts fold up, and are lightweight, allowing you to easily store them in your kayak while you’re out on the water.


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