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How to Get Fish Smell Off Hands

How to get fish smell off hands

If you are a fisherman or you’re working with fish, the chances are that you wondered a couple of times how to get fish smell off hands. It is not a pleasant smell, and it can be hard to get rid of. However, we do have a couple of methods that might interest you.

What Makes Your Hands Smell Fishy?

The amines are the organic compounds that produce that fishy smell. Dimethylamine, Trimethylamine, and Methylamine all have foul odors. These compounds contain nitrogen and are basic, which might give us a clue as to how to eliminate the smell.

How to Get Fish Smell Off Hands

Use baby wipes

Baby wipes can be utilized for a lot of things; even to eliminate the fish smell. We recommend using the ones that contain alcohol and are unscented. Baby wipes are easy to find, they’re inexpensive, and with a couple of them, you will finish the job in no time.

Use surgical alcohol

Surgical alcohol is a useful household item. It is inexpensive, and it is a must-have for sanitizing everything around your house. Oddly enough, it can also get you rid of that fishy smell.

Just splash some alcohol on your hands, rub them and let them dry.

Use vodka

The next best thing after rubbing/surgical alcohol is vodka. Vodka can be a bit more expensive, but it can be as useful as rubbing alcohol. The process is the same. Just pour some vodka on your hands, rub them, then let them dry.

Use toothpaste

Toothpaste might be the oddest way to remove that fishy smell from your hands, but it works. It is used by fishermen and those who handle the fish (like fishmongers) because it is inexpensive, portable and gets the job done.

All you need to do is squeeze some toothpaste into your hands, rub them together until you get all your hands covered in paste and then rinse them with water.

Use hand sanitizer

Having a hand sanitizer with you at all times is excellent because it can remove any foul smell from your hands. Hand sanitizers that contain alcohol might be better for this use than the ones that have no alcohol.

Hand sanitizers can be found in any store, and they are inexpensive.

Use vinegar

If you are working with fish and you don’t know how to get fish smell off hands, then try using some vinegar.

Vinegar is cheap and easy to use, and it’s excellent when it comes to removing foul odors. After splashing and rubbing vinegar on your hands, be sure to rinse them with water.

Use lemon

Lemons can do wonders when it comes to getting rid of the fishy smell. They are inexpensive, and they contain an acid that reacts with amines, the compounds that produce that fishy smell.

You can squeeze some lemon, lime or even orange juice into your hands, rub them and use water to rinse.

Use anti-bacterial soap

If you don’t know how to get fish smell off hands, you can use anti-bacterial soap. This product is meant to eliminate any scent from your hands. It is not expensive, and it is easy to find in any store.

Use baking soda

Check this video about using baking soda:

You can buy it from any grocery store, it is cheap, and it is easy to use. All you have to do is put a small amount on your hands, add some water and rub them. Rinse after finishing.

Use nail polish remover

This method might some a bit extreme, but it works as long as you are careful. Pour some solution on your hands, rub them and wash them fast. Nail polish remover is a good option if you do not have rubbing alcohol in your house.

It is also cheap and easy to find in any type of store.

Use hair shampoo

If you have none of the items we presented above and you are wondering how to get fish smell off hands, then there might be one last solution.

Grab your shampoo and squeeze a small amount into your hands. Rub your hands and then wash them.

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