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How to Attach a GoPro to Your Paddle Board

How to Attach a GoPro to Your Paddle Board (1)

One of the many joys of paddleboarding is the viewswe’re permitted.

The many shades of the sky as the sun goes down or the light bouncing off the waves; it's all gorgeous.

Thanks to GoPro, we’re able to catch all that on camera. Learning how to attach a GoPro to your SUP can beintimidating, because you don’t want to loose the camera! But, I’m here to walk you through the process, so, don’t worry.

The Different Angles and Mounts

There are a few different mounts and setups, and each depends on what you’re trying to capture.

If you want to get good scenery shots, then a simple head mount will workperfect. If you are looking to get shots of you on your board or tearing up waves, then either a nose or paddle mount is what you’re looking for.

Before you take your camera out on the water, though. You need to prep the camera a bit. First off, you need to make sure your GoPro is waterproof. This is why you want the GoPro Hero 4. Also, you are going to want toincase it with afloatie and get a tether to tie it down to your D-ring. The last thing you want it to lose an expensive camera after you get some great footage. Plus, it’s always a good idea to throw fog strips in thethe camera case. These keep thelense from fogging up and ruining your shot.

Can I Mount a GoPro to an iSUP?

I get this question a lot. And the answer is: yes, you can. Most nose mounts are adhesive mounts, so they can be attached to any surface. However, they make storing your inflatable paddleboard a pain. Since you won’t be able to properly roll the board up with the mount permanently installed.

How to Attach GoPro to Paddle Board

  • Nose Mount
  • Make sure to clean the nose of your SUP. Any wax or debris will compromise the adhesive hold. You can get a good cleaning with rubbing alcohol and soap and water.
  • Most mounts give you a mount for the camera and a mount for the leash (If you don’t get a mount for the leash, just leash the camera to yourd-ring). Line up the mount with the center of the board.
  • Remove the back from the adhesive and firmly press the mount into place. Let the adhesive dry a good 24 hrs before taking it on the water.
  • Next attach the leash to the leash mount, and then to the camera case.
  • Lock the GoPro in place on the mount and you’re ready to catch some surf on camera!

  • Paddle Mount
  • When mounting the camera to your paddle, you want to attach it to the back side of the paddle. This way, when you bring the paddle back up, you’re getting the perfect shot.
  • You want to play around with the angle till you find one that works for you. If the angle is bad, you’ll get nothing but the sky.

It’s easy to get your GoPro up and running and capture every moment of your adventures.

We’d love to see some of your footage below in the comments.


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