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The Best Lures for Bass [Updated for 2018]

Best Lures for Bass

Every fisherman needs a lure to snatch them the ‘prize;’ however, not every lure works the same way for every fish. When it comes to bass fishing, there are a few things you should keep in mind and we’ll outline them in the following paragraphs. So, let’s discover the best lures for bass.

Quick Top 5 Lures for Bass:

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You Should Know the Basics

Bass works differently for every fisherman. A lot of fishermen prefer crankbait, for instance, since it can cover a wide water area in a short amount of time. It has a spinner base that makes it seem like the bait is a small, fast-moving fish.

Crankbait is something that attracts most large prey fish. It also stays in its place, so it’s a fitting choice if the area you are fishing in is windy or packed with rocks.

The presentation is also important since many fish go for the looks rather than the size or speed. There are also lures that are only suitable for winter or summer use – so you may want to be mindful of the materials as well.

Fishing tactics are also important. You already know that you can’t just drop the lure into the water and hope it catches something. You need to have the right technique that will attract the fish even more – and not scare it away. The key is to understand the basics needed to “hook” them in.

What Are the Best Lures for Bass If You Are a Beginner?

There are several types of lures that you can go for, each of them having its own, unique functions and factors. Cost is an issue, as well as the water conditions and bass type. Most importantly, however, you need to consider your personal preferences and skill level.

There are some lures out there that are appropriate for beginners, while others float more around a more experienced fisher’s boat. Depending on what type you are, here’s what you may choose from:

Soft Baits

These are typically the most common bass lure types since they can be used on more than one type of fish. You may find them in various shapes and colors, and they can resemble anything from worms to frogs and other “live” creatures that may lure the bass.

As a fisherman, you may want to check different shapes and colors of soft baits before settling on just one. The process may be rather tedious until you find the “perfect one,” but since it’s also the cheapest type of bait, it may be up your alley.


Crankbaits are as popular as soft baits when it comes to bass. Also going under the name of “plugs” or “hard bait,” they come in many shapes and sizes that you can choose depending on the type of fish that you are aiming for.

For example, if you are going for a smaller bass type (for instance, white bass), you may choose a small crankbait. Large bass, on the other hand, can be more attracted by a larger crankbait.


If you are looking for something that’s both effective and easy to use, then jigs may be just perfect for you. They may be used by both beginners and experts, making them a time-friendly purchase.

Jig lures are basically hooks that have enough weight so that they can reach the bottom of the water. Depending on what you have to catch, you may want to attach live bait to it or mix it with a soft lure.

How to Fish Like an Expert

If you have more experience on the water, then you may want to go for the “expert” types. Indeed, you may also work with the ones mentioned above, but there are some lures that will offer you a better chance at snatching some bass. All you have to do is know how to operate it.

Expert lures can be difficult to handle for beginners – but they are in no way impossible to figure out. You may experiment with them on the way and find a good technique that will allow you to attract the bass to your line.

Surface Lures

Surface lures are usually the common choices for those who have been fishing for at least several months – and had enough time to get some practice. Unlike other lures, these float on the surface, sometimes even bobbing to attract the fish with the noise.

These lures give off the impression of wounded or surface prey, attracting larger prey fish quickly and effectively.


Spinnerbaits are also fairly popular among expert fishermen, but they are also the trickiest to use. These lures are usually made of blades and wires that spin in the water, giving the impression of living, moving prey. They are the best choice if you want to catch trophy fish.

What Blades Should You Use?

Depending on the water in which you plan to fish with spinnerbaits (or other baits that use blades), you may want to go for the following option. Bear in mind, however, that the technique, season and the water flow are also important factors when it comes to choosing the blades.

Colorado Blades

Out of all blade types, Colorado blades vibrate the most. These round blades are generally most suitable for cool water, so if you like fishing during the cold season, these are just right for you. These blades are also good for catching slow fish that are saving their energy for the winter.

Willow Blades

These blades are shaped like footballs and are tapered. They may not vibrate as fast as the Colorado blade, but they are easier and faster to reel in. They also shine more than Colorado blades, which is why they may look more attractive to certain kinds of fish.

Indiana Blades

Unlike the willow ones, Indiana blades (a.k.a. “Oklahoma blades”), are only tapered on one end. They are a mix of the other two blades – taking their features to a higher level. Not only do they vibrate faster than Colorado blades, but they are also shinier than willow blades.

Find out more about choosing a bass lure by watching this video:

The Best Lures for Bass

This surface lure measures around 3.8 inches, making it perfect for medium to large trophy fish. Since it has 6 joints, it offers the impression of live bait that moves around. Plus, the fact that it’s shaped like a smaller fish will attract the larger prey.

This lure also has two treble hooks along with a flexible hinge. These features help with fishing in multiple water conditions since they can adjust to the temperature and the current. You may, however, have to adjust it every now and again before dropping it in the water.

Rapala has many lure options to choose from, with the Rattling being one of the top favorites. This lure has two hook spots that can either catch two smaller prey fish – or ensure that the bigger one does not get away.

It also features a rattling chamber that will make a small sound – but noticeable enough to attract fish. It’s also fairly light, so it will easily move in the water. Keep in mind, however, that the metal body may not be suitable for deep waters. If you let it sink too low, it might dent and ruin the lure.

Heddon’s Super Spook fishing lure is perfect for those who want to go for top waters since it has a very sturdy body. You have a multitude of colors to choose from, all of them having the ability to attract whatever type of bass you want.

This item is more suitable for freshwater since it allows the lure to move erratically, similar to a wounded fish. It also has two hooks – one in the front and one in the back – to ensure that what gets caught stays caught.

Those who like working with soft baits over anything else may particularly enjoy this type. Shaped like a frog, they are perfect for larger fish that enjoys this kind of prey. They are also sold in multiple colors, so they are extremely appealing to prey fish.

This bait is light and easily moves around in the water. Its action stimulates the fish into biting, and you don’t even have to attach live bait to it. It’s a great option if you dislike working with live bait.   

This lifelike, 3D-constructed lure is perfect for fooling fish that some wounded fish is erratically swimming in place. Since the joints use strong fabric, you can pull up to 17 kilograms, without worrying that it may break or lose the fish.

This lure also has two hooks meant to grab onto the fish as tightly as possible. As long as you have a strong fishing line, this bait should not fail you in any way. It’s perfect for bass, and even with a basic technique, it should attract the fish right away with its bright colors.

You may only have two color options when it comes to this lure, but they are as bright as they can get – so they can definitely attract the fish. Having five joints, it can make lifelike movements that will imitate small fish in distress.

Its dimensions are fairly big, so you may want to use it for waters that have large prey fish. You may also want to try fishing in waters where there are bluegills. Bass has a “sweet tooth” for them.

If you are looking for a bait that can resist deeper water pressure, then you may want to give Apusale a try. These lures were made to be durable, with joints that can hold large trophy fish. When thrown in water, they move and imitate the movement of small fish – therefore, attracting the larger ones.

Equipped with two carbon steel treble hooks, they will literally “hook” the big fish in, with no chance of escaping. They also come in a variety of colors, making them visible and attractive to various types of fish, not only bass.

These crankbait fishing lures are made from 3 segments. They are not only made with bright colors that will definitely be noticed by the prey fish but also have lifelike eyes to fool the bass into thinking that’s a real fish in distress out there.

Made from durable ABS, this bait can withstand deeper waters, and it can also resist through time. Unlike many similar lures, this one uses metal joints rather than fabric, prolonging its durability. It also has three hooks placed in different parts to ensure that the fish will not escape once it gets caught.

With its wide swimming action, this hard lure is great for attracting even in deeper waters – and it also moves in a way to convince them that it’s a real fish. The metallic hook that connects the two parts is durable and therefore will not break even if the fish is heavy.

Like many lures that work in a similar way, this one also has two hooks to ensure the proper capture of the bass. It also comes in a variety of colors, which means you can get one for different types of bass.

This fishing lure mixes the best of soft lures and hard ones, offering a realistic bait that looks appealing to frog-eating bass. The front part is made of durable, hard plastic while the tail is made from soft material. When cast in the water, it will look as if it’s swimming in place.

Since it has soft parts, this lure is mostly recommended in the warmer season, and in shallow waters. Deep pressure can damage the lure itself. At the same time, in the event that it’s not damaged, it still won’t behave properly (like it would when you cast it at the top). 


When searching for the best lure for bass, remember to test everything. Bass change what they attack from day to day and waterhole to waterhole. So if they aren't biting, quickly try a new style of lure. What's your favorite lure to fish bass with? Let's hear about it in the comments below!


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