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The Best Fishing Rod for Beginners: Start on the Right Hook

Best Fishing Rod for Beginners

If you’re a newbie to the fishing world, you will undoubtedly require appropriate equipment. For example, you’ll need the best fishing rod for beginners. Getting the wrong equipment will make fishing appear much harder than it actually is. That’s why we made this brief guide, to help you get started!

Quick Top 5 Rods for Beginners:

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How to Choose the Best Fishing Rod for Beginners

Before selecting a fishing rod, you should consider a few crucial aspects. To start with, you should determine the type of fish you intend to catch. Another equally important element is establishing how frequently you plan on going fishing.

For instance, if you’re concentrating all your efforts on a particular fish, you’ll need to get a rod that is designated specifically for that. On the other hand, if you plan on targeting numerous species, you should get a multi-purpose rod.

At the same time, you should assess where you will do the fishing from, whether it is from a pier, boat, on the ice, so on and so forth. It’s also worth noting that fishing in a river or lake is an entirely different experience than fishing in the ocean.

That is primarily because the saltwater fishing gear is manufactured with specific materials that deter corrosion. So, using a fresh-water fishing rod to catch saltwater fish will inevitably damage your equipment.

That being said, the best fishing rod is the one that fits your purpose. Obviously, your equipment plays a fundamental role in establishing the rate of success.

What Factors Should You Consider

Rod Material

As I pointed before, the rod material is of utmost importance. For the most part, today’s fishing rods are made of two materials, namely fiberglass and graphite.

Graphite is known for being the more sensitive of the two; it is surprisingly lightweight, as well. On the other hand, fiberglass offers a parabolic blend, when it comes to using baits of medium or light action. The downside to graphite, however, is that it is likely to get damaged quicker.

Overall, most fishermen prefer graphite because it is nimble and light, which is excellent for active fishing.


When it comes to the rod length, one thing is for sure: it could lead to an array of disagreements and debates.

According to Gary Dobyns, who is the owner of Doyns Rods, a rod’s length is only limited by the angler’s capability of using it. He also indicates that a long rod facilitates better control of the fish, doing a decent job at balancing the applied pressure against the jumps and surges of hooked fish.  

Leaving that aside, the length of your fishing rod should be chosen based on two factors, namely what and where you’ll fish.

Short fishing rods are preferred in big game fishing, while long fishing rods are appropriate for heavy fishing lures. Long fishing rods are also used for fly fishing.

The Action of the Rod

The action of the rod refers to where and how the rod will flex when you apply force. A fast action rod is likely to bend in only the top third. Meanwhile, a moderate rod will bend in the top half, whereas a slow action rod will only bend in the lower third of the road.

Typically, fast action rods are used for bass or large species of fish. That’s primarily because they have a stiff backbone. This will help you to fight the fish.

Slow action rods, on the other hand, are preferred for catching small species of fish.

Fishing Tips for Beginners

Rig Them Correctly

There are two fundamental reasons why rigging is crucial. Firstly, a well-tied fishing knot is less likely to break when you set the hook. Secondly, some knots are prone to swim your lure or fish.

As a result, I advise you to always utilize the correct fishing knot for your lures.  

Swim Your Lure Accordingly

You should anticipate the way in which the bait naturally moves inside the water. Afterward, you should mimic that with the rod tip and reel speed. If you swim the lure accordingly - the way in which the fishing spot dictates - you’ll definitely have more takes.

Change Location

If you’ve been changing lures and you still don’t manage to catch any fish, it’s high time you change the fishing location. After covering a given area, you should move on to the following, and keep testing until you’ll have managed to hook serious amounts of fish.  

Change Depths

While top water is definitely fun, the fish is in the deep waters. As a result, you should either add or subtract weight when it comes to bait fishing, opt for metal-lipped jerk bait – you name it.

The point here is to experiment with different depth levels and learn the behavioral patterns of the fish you’re targeting.   

Of course, there are many other guidelines you should factor in, as a beginner. That’s why I advise you to watch this video, as it has a bunch of insightful tips.

The Best Fishing Rod for Beginners

This casting rod has been first introduced in 1976. As a result, most enthusiast anglers have used it, at one point or another. It has been significantly improved, over the last couple of years.

As a result, the Ugly Stik promises durability, enhanced quality, and dependability, without compromising the strength and performance of the original casting rod. Featuring a combination of graphite and fiberglass, this rod facilitates proper balance, a good level of sensitivity, while being quite lightweight.

We are more than happy with the performance of this rod. It has a sturdy construction, and you can use it for catching carp, trout, catfish and even salmon. Due to its increased sensitivity, the reel may pick the tiniest bite.

The sleek design is also a plus, not to mention that you get a 7-year warranty. It is unbelievably affordable, and it is available in 15 distinct models.

This ultra-light trout rod is one of the best-selling items manufactured by the company. The thing with this rod is that it is very sensitive. This way, you can determine when a fish has been hooked, even when it comes to small fish.

As a newbie angler, though, you shouldn’t let this confuse you. That’s why we advise you to avoid pulling in the rod prematurely because you’ll allow the fish to escape.

Moving on to the construction of the rod, it is made of graphite blanks; as for the handle, it is made from cork. That’s what makes it genuinely lightweight. At the same time, it is really durable and sturdy, which means you’ll get a lot of use out of it.

This rod is specifically made for freshwater fishing. Overall, the high sensitivity of the rod would make it a more appropriate option for experienced anglers. Still, it’s not impossible for beginners to make great use of this tool.

If you want to invest in a 2-piece bait casting rod, this one by Entsport is an excellent pick, not to mention that it is unbelievably affordable. The design is sleek, modern and eye-catching, and it can handle all the challenges posed by fishing.

It has the ideal weight in order to easily cope with heavyweight fishing. Since it is made of high-tensile strength carbon fiber, you can rely on this tool.

I appreciate that it balances support and strength, while being just sensitive enough as in to detect the slightest vibrations inside the water. The design of the reel seat ensures that the reel will stay in place.

The EVA split handles do a decent job of giving you a better grip. On the whole, if portability isn’t your priority, and you intend to catch some big fish, this rod is a match made in heaven.

This fishing rod is a superior product. Firstly, it is made of Toray 24-ton carbon matrix and KastFlex technology blanks, which provide outstanding power and excellent sensitivity.

The attention to detail and the craftsmanship of this item is, indeed, notable. The rod is designed is a way that facilitates optimal grip, so that you have ultimate control of the catch. Also, this rod is ideal if you plan on doing fishing for hours, as it won’t harm or strain your muscles.

Additionally, it is quite versatile, which means you can try various fishing techniques with it. It is sensitive, lightweight, and it casts surprisingly well.

Simultaneously, each fishing rod manufactured by KastKing Royale Legend is covered by warranty, in the case of manufacturing defects.

This is another excellent rod if you’re just starting to fish. A medium heavy rod such as this one could be a decent alternative for various types of fishing, which makes it quite versatile.

Being crafted with fiberglass and composite material, this rod feels perfectly balanced, yet powerful. In terms of durability, we assure you that you can depend on this rod for many years to come.

Since it is lightweight, it will feel balanced as you handle it. It will also enhance your range of movement while keeping the fatigue to a minimum. The EVA grip plays a role in this respect, giving you a comfortable grip when you battle stubborn fish.

The sensitive tip means you can actually detect the most insignificant nibbles, which would optimize your results!


Just learning how to fish can be frustrating! You don't want a rod that will make it even harder. Pick up one of the best fishing rods for beginners so you can enjoy fishing even more! What was your first fishing pole? We'd love to hear it in the comments below!


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