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The Best Fishing Pliers: You Shouldn’t Unhook a Fish Without Them!

best fishing pliers

When we’re planning out our fishing trip, we never forget to think about things like our tackle, poles, fishing sunglasses, or even the cooler!

For some reason, we never remember how handy a good pair of fishing pliers can be.

Today, I am going to show you why you need the best fishing pliers in your tackle box at all times and what to look for when buying a pair.

Quick Top 5 Fishing Pliers

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Uses of Fishing Pliers

A good pair of fishing pliers is a lot more versatile than you might think. Sure, you can use them to unhook a fish, but you can also use them to:

  • Cut your fishing line down after tying a knot.
  • You can use them to clamp down the barbs on your hooks to make the barbless.
  • Use them to remove a hook from your fishing jacket or even from your flesh.
  • If a fish swallows your hook, you can use them to cut the hook from the line. Instead of trying to rip the hook out, which gives the fish a better chance of survival.

What to Look For in Fishing Pliers

  • Material

You need to get a pair of fishing pliers that will work for both freshwater and saltwater. If you get cheap stainless steel pliers, the salt from the water can rust them shut in no time at all. What you want is 420HC Stainless Steel, aircraft grade aluminum, or even Titanium-coated stainless steel.

  • Line Cutters

If you want to reap the rewards from a versatile pair of fishing pliers, then you need them to come with a line cutter. Most fishing pliers will be able to cut through monofilament and fluorocarbon lines; however, if you prefer to fish with braided line, then they need to have a dedicated, sharp cutter or a knife attachment,

  • Nose Length

The importance of this will depend on the type of fish you’re trying to catch. If you’re fishing trout, for instance, they have a pretty small mouth. You need fishing pliers that have a nose long and thin enough to get a hook from their smaller mouth. However, fish like bass that have a largemouth you can use just about any sized pliers.

The Best Fishing Pliers

The Piscifun Fishing Pliers are made from an aircraft-grade aluminum, so you never have to worry about rust. Don’t matter if you fish your local river or off a deep sea charter, these fishing pliers stand up to the challenge. The replaceable Tungsten Carbide Cutters are just as sharp as you’d hope. They’ll tear through any kind of line, including braided line! They feature a split ring design for easy lure and hook eye removal. The Titanium-coated Stainless Steel Jaws are incredibly durable. Lightweight and durable, the Piscinas come with a sheath that has a belt clip and a retractable lanyard to keep them within arms reach for the next bite!

The only issue I have with these fishing pliers is the nose length. If your fish guts the hook, they aren’t long enough to remove it.

These Fishing Pliers are a multi-functional fishing tool that always comes in handy on the water. The stainless steel body is protection from rust and corrosion, so you don’t have to worry about taking them in saltwater. The split ring design allows you to easily, and quickly, change hooks. Not only is the line cutter strong enough to stand up to all kinds of line, but they even have a fish fillet knife built right in. This comes in handy on camping trips when fish are likely to go straight from the river to your grill! The included nylon sheath keeps them easily accessible, and the lightweight design makes them easy to use all day.

Overall, these are a handy tool to have on you; I just wish that the sheath fit the pliers better. Also, the spring latch is difficult to open with just one hand.

Booms Fishing Pliers are the perfect companion for any angler. Made from anodized aluminum, they are built to withstand saltwater and freshwater alike. Plus, their line cutter is capable of tearing through any line, even braided, and it’s 70+ HRC tungsten carbide cutters are easily replaceable. Making this a pair of pliers that will stay in your tackle box for many fishing trips to come. The serrated jaws make it easy to remove any hook, and spring loaded handle make them a cinch to operate with one hand.

I will say, though, the screws that they come with aren’t the best quality. To get the most out of the, you should either entirely replace the screws or tighten them with some Loctite.

The Madbite Fishing Pliers are built to last and serve as just about one of the most versatile fishing tools you can have at your disposal. The pliers are made from an aerospace grade hardened aluminum alloy that stops rust in its tracks. These pliers have everything: a split ring tool, Crimpers, flat jaw section to crush your barbs, and curved jaws for deep hook removal. No fishing line stands a chance against their sharp line cutters. The tips are narrow enough to remove hooks from the smallest fish, such as Bluefish or Sunfish. Coming with a sheath, they are always ready for action. If you experience loose screws on the line cutter, hold them in place with a thread lock like Loctite.

High-quality fishing pliers by a well-respected brand, the Adaros by P-Line make a nice addition to any tackle box. These aluminum pliers are a more heavy duty pair than most, 7.5” long.

An independent braid line cutter sporting tungsten carbide cutters that will never leave you with a frayed line. Available in four different colors, the jaws are carbon coated steel that will pass any durability test you throw its way.

Coming with both a belt sheath and a plastic lanyard, your pliers will be within arms reach when you need them, and out of the way when you don’t. These pliers are fantastic.

I just can’t for the life of me think why P-Line wouldn’t make them with a grip. The steel can get pretty slippery when you're out on the water, which sometimes makes them hard to use single handed.

The Falcon Angled Fishing Pliers by KastKing take a different approach than most pliers. They feature a unique nose design that makes it easier to get a good hook removing angle.

Made from anodized aluminum, you don’t need to worry about rust, and the line cutter is exceptional. They don’t have a grip, but they were made with a fancy design that was made to conform to your hand.

Well, maybe if you have tiny hands anyways. These pliers are SMALL after all—they handle length is only about 3.5”. This length makes them practically useless for saltwater fishing where you’ll come across fish with teeth.

Sporting a CNC-machined Aircraft-grade aluminum frame, the Fiblink Fishing Pliers, do the job just fine. They have most of the features you’d want from a good pair of fishing pliers: split ring tool, replaceable line cutters, and crimp and press lead.

They’re a good length, just a little under 8”, and the non-slip handles are shaped to fit your hand well. Even so, they don’t stand up to rust well which holds them back from being a great option.

What can I say about the Berkley Hook Remover?

While it does serve, it’s purpose well, calling them a pair of fishing pliers would be a stretch, to say the least.

However, if you’re looking for something to remove hooks, then they don’t get much better. This guy is almost a foot long, so if you’re fishing off a boat and want to remove the hook without removing the fish from the water, these are perfect.

Booms Fishing Pliers are made from 420 stainless steel making them resistant to corrosion… Or so they claim.

If you want an inexpensive pair of throwaway fishing pliers, or if like me you tend to leave yours behind at the docks pretty often, then these can be a great fit. Be aware, though, the metal isn’t very strong and can bend pretty easily, so they aren’t very versatile.

Also, these pliers are SMALL. I mean, really small. This does make them light and small enough to clip to a fishing vest comfortably, but that’s one of their only selling points.

Overall, you’ll only be happy with these fishing pliers if you want a pair that will last for the summer.

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