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The Best Fishing Gloves: Get a Better Grip if You Want Bigger Fish

Best Fishing Gloves

We’re ALWAYS looking for something that will give us an edge when it comes to catching fish, right?

Well, one tool you can’t go without is fishing gloves.

Not only do the best fishing gloves help you a better fisherman, but they also contribute to making fishing safer for the fish, allowing us to catch more fish!

Quick Top 5 Fishing Gloves

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Why Should You Where Fishing Gloves?

  • Enhanced Grip and Dexterity

A good fishing glove is going to give you better control of your rod and fishing reel. Thanks to the added grip, you never have to worry about a pole slipping from your hands, either.

  • Better Protection

You can’t dismiss the fact that what we’re doing on the water involves a few dangerous elements. Fishing gloves can help protect your hands from getting caught up on any of your hooks, but it also can keep you safe from the fish too. If you’ve ever held a catfish the wrong way, then you know a thing or two about why protecting your hands can be important.

  • Better for the Fish

Unless you plan on taking for catch home for a good meal, you’re going to releasing the fish back into the water. Catch and release is great for fishing, it lets the fish grow fatter and smarter making fishing only that much more fun.

However, unless you’re doing it right, you can still cause lethal damage to the fish without even realizing it. Did you know that when you hold a fish, you’re destroying a protective slime that protects them from bacteria in the water? Well, wet gloves will help to minimize the damage to this protective layer.

What to Look for in Fishing Gloves

Fishing gloves come in all different kinds of shapes, colors, and sizes loaded up with any number of features. Not every fisherman needs all the bells and whistles, though. What are some of the key things you need to look for when buying a new pair of fishing gloves?

  • Material

The material your gloves are made from is going to be the single largest determining factor in their warmth. Fishing gloves can come in materials ranging from wool, neoprene, as well as spandex and many others. The material you choose will be based on a number of things including how you fish and what weather you’ll be fishing in.

  • Different Styles

The most popular style of fishing glove is fingerless. The reason fisherman love this style so much is it frees up our fingers to do things like tie knots or pull a hook from a fish. Setting up your rig in gloves, even with the thinnest gloves you can buy, is just plain hard.

Another popular style is “flipmit” or “slit finger” both of these styles are hybrids that allow you to remove your fingers for when you have to tie a knot, but then cover them back up as soon as you’re done. All without having to take off the glove.

  • Hot or Cold?

Depending on where you live—or rather, where you’ll be fishing. You need to choose gloves based on how they will handle the weather. For instance, you don’t want to wear wool fishing gloves when it’s 98° do you? No, you want a very light quick dry material to keep your hands cool. Just like you’ll want some thick insulated gloves that cover your fingers in the winter.

  • UV Protection

Some gloves can even protect your hands from damaging UV radiation. These gloves act like sunscreen to block out sometimes as much as 98% of the sun's powerful UV rays. Prolonged periods in the sun without protection can cause substantial damage to your skin, and can even potentially cause skin cancer.

Believe it or not, the sun's UV radiation can penetrate non-UV protected gloves that can lead to long-term damage. So if you plan on being on the water all day in the hot sun, UV protection is a fishing glove feature you shouldn’t do without!

What Kind of Fisherman are You?

Not only does your environment play a huge role in what kind of fishing gloves are best for you, but also the way you fish.

Are you and ice fisherman? If so, you’ll want a glove made from neoprene. This material gives you extreme warmth and wind protection without sacrificing dexterity.

If you’re out on the ocean catching big game fish, then you’ll probably want a thick heavy duty handling glove. Also, the grip will be vital when trying to catch these heavier fish that put up a big fight.

Bring an Extra Pair With You!

Your gloves are going to get wet while you’re out there fishing. That’s just a fact. It can be from rain, releasing fish, pulling your anchor back in your kayak, or stripping line along with laundry lists of other ways. So make sure you always bring at least two pairs of gloves with you, especially if you’re using your gloves to keep your hands warm in the winter.

The Best Fishing Gloves

Glacier Glove Islamorada Gray Sungloves

Glacier Glove Islamorada Gray Sungloves, Large

The Islamorada Sungloves by Glacier Gloves are the perfect fit for a fisherman. The lightweight, breathable material not only protects you from the sun with it’s 50+ UPF sun protection but also dries extremely quickly. This especially helps since—if we’re lucky—we’ll be catching fishing all day and are hands will be in and out of the water! The synthetic leather palm really helps you grip your pole, too.


  • Extremely quick drying breathable material
  • Soft and comfortable
  • 50+ UPF Sun Protection


  • The material is fragile and can be damaged by things like Velcro


Fishing Gloves for Men & Women, Certified UPF 50+ UV Sun Protection, Half Finger Glove Kayaking,...

These fingerless gloves by The Fishing Tree are a tight fit thatare so comfortable; you’ll forget you’re even wearing them at all! Rated to block out 98% of all UV radiation, these fishing gloves with help protect your hands from sun damage from a long day on the water.

The fingerless design gives you access to better grip on your pole while allowing your fingers to be free to tie knots quickly. Thanks to their double stitching, you can expect these durable gloves to last countless fishing trips!


  • Machine washable making them very easy to clean
  • Velcro wrist straps to keep them firmly in place
  • Quick drying material


  • The sizing is not standard, so you have to make sure you’re ordering the right size for your hands

Buff Pro Angler 3 Gloves

Buff Pro Series Angler 3 Gloves, Bug Slinger Water Camo Green, Medium/Large

The Buff Pro Angler 3 Gloves feature a seamless construction that hugs your hands. This makes them not only comfortable but also durable since you don’t have to worry about any threads ever coming loose. They’re machine washable, so it’s easy to get the smell of fish off them when you get home. Plus, their quick dry material and dexterous palm design were made with an angler in mind.


  • Designed to handle the wear and tear brought on by the water
  • Increased grip
  • Easy to quickly pull off with your not catch hand
  • Extended wrist design with a snug elastic fit


  • They run small and might be a little too thick for hot weather

Lindy Fish Handling Glove

Lindy Fish Handling Glove (Large/X-Large, Left-hand)

The Lindy Fishing Glove—a self-described “bulletproof vest for your hand”—is not your typical fishing glove. While most gloves are either designed to add extra grip, to block out the sun, or to keep your hands warm the Lindy Glove was intended to protect you from the often forgotten dangers of fishing.

It's thick, but soft, design was made to stand up to hooks, knives, and even the teeth of some game fish. Also, it has an excellent grip, allowing you to firmly hold your catch while you remove your hook. To top it off, their made out of a quick dry material.


  • The material holds up and is super tough. You won’t have to worry about snagged hooks at all
  • Quick dry and soft
  • The palm grip makes it easy to hold a big fish


  • Wet line slips through them easily
  • It’s only a single glove—either the left or right—so if you want them for both you have to buy them separately

Heat Factory Pop-Top Mittens

Heat Factory Gloves with Pop-Top Mittens, with Hand Heat Warmer Pockets, Black, X-Large

If you’re looking for a fishing glove for cold weather, then the Heat Factory Pop-Top Mittens are the best you’ll find. Loaded with unique features, such as a hidden pocket where you can place a hand warmer pack, plus, the flip top mitten that is held firmly in place by magnets. They can either be worn as a full finger warm glove, or you can flip the mitten over to turn up the heat!


  • Sewn in pocket allow you to insert a hand warmer, making them the perfect companion when you’re ice fishing
  • Can be used as a mitten or full fingered glove when you need more dexterity
  • Mitten is held in place by magnets


  • Not specifically made with fishing in mind, so they offer no waterproof features

Glacier Glove Lycra Sunglove

Abaco Bay Sun Glove

Another great fishing glove by Glacier Gloves, the Lycra are seamless soft gloves that will protect your hands from the elements. Whether the sun, thanks to its UV protection, or the water thanks to the quick-dry material these gloves will stand up to anything. These fingerless gloves have a flexible palm that allows for a better grip on your pole.


  • Very soft and lightweight material
  • UV protection will prevent your hands from being sunburned
  • Quick dry enables you to pick a fish out of the water without having to change your gloves afterward


  • The material isn’t as durable as you’d hope
  • The sizes run a little different than standard

Glacier Glove ICE BAY Fishing Glove

Glacier Glove ICE BAY Fishing Glove, Black, X-Large

The Glacier Glove Ice Bay Fishing Glove was made to fish in cold weather. It’s high-quality neoprene, along with it’s fleeced lined design, work together to keep your hands feeling good no matter how low the temperature goes. Even though they are very thick, and insulated, you’re not having to sacrifice much dexterity. The glove fits your hands snugly allowing a broad range of motion. Plus, the neoprene will protect the gloves from absorbing any water, so you’ll be able to fish for hours in the cold!


  • Fleeced lined and very well insulated
  • A lot of flexibility for cold weather gloves
  • Waterproof and windproof


  • Some durability issues with the neoprene

Glacier Glove Alaska River Flip-Mitt Fishing Glove

Glacier Glove Alaska River Flip Mitt-L

This hybrid cold weather glove allows to you experience the warmth of a full fingered glove while giving you the freedom of a fingerless glove. These windproof, fleece-lined, winter fishing gloves have a mitten attachment that you can either flip over your fingers or pull it back and secure it in place with Velcro. This style is especially good for the winter fly fishermen; it allows you to quickly go fingerless to handle your line.


  • Hybrid glove that can operate fingerless or fully covered
  • Windproof neoprene material
  • Velcro works to hold the mitten very well


  • They aren’t well insulated and don’t offer that much regarding warmth

Glacier Glove Slit Finger Fishing Glove

Pro Angler

This slit finger fishing gloves takes the concept of a flip-mitt glove and applies it just to the index finger and thumb. You can quickly flip back the glove on these two fingers allowing you to tie fishing knots without all of your other six fingers having to suffer! Being made from neoprene they are inherently windproof, and the wrist strap will also help to keep the cold weather out.


  • Unique design that gives you access to the fingers you need when you’re fishing
  • Windproof material
  • Velcro wrist strap holds the gloves firmly in place
  • Pre-bent fingers helps add to dexterity and also relieve fatigue in your hands


  • It’s made entirely of neoprene, so there’s no fleece or anything keeping your hands warm

Rapala Marine Fisherman Glove

Rapala Fisherman's Gloves, Large

Manufactured from the world renowned fishing lure company, Rapala, these fishing gloves are a very basic choice if you just want some gloves to help you better grip your fish while you’re unhooking them. The latex coat will help protect you from teeth, as well as getting caught by a gill plate or dorsal fin, but that is about the only features they have.


  • Very inexpensive option
  • Will protect your from cuts brought on by fish


  • Not waterproof, sun proof, or windproof
  • Not very comfortable either


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