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The Best Chest Waders for the Money in 2019

The Best Chest Waders for the Money

Fishing is a fun activity especially when you catch fish without any difficulty, but it can be awesome with a good pair of chest waders that keep you warm and dry. The best chest waders for the money will also enable you to fish in the mud and cold successfully

This fishing accessory makes all the difference especially if you are a shore angler.In the 1850s, the first waders hit the market, but the concept was already there a couple of years back before its production.

Fishing for a longer period of time puts you at risk of contracting infections such as trench foot that causes the skin of your foot to rot. Therefore, it is necessary to have one when you are planning your fishing trip.

If you are looking to buy new chest waders, then you have come to the right place.

This article will help you decide which waders fit your needs by giving you information on the key features to look out for and a selection of some of them to choose from.

The Quick Top 4 Chest Waders for the Money:

*Keep reading for the fulling buying guide or jump straight to the reviews!

Choosing the Right Chest Waders

The three most important factors to consider when choosing the right chest waders are comfort, breathability and durability. It can be challenging to choose the best chest wader because sometimes you have to give up one to get the other factors. 

Therefore, understanding the types, materials, and value for money of waders in the market will help you get started within your search for a perfect chest wader.Wader materials – waders are made of different materials, and each one of them comes with strengths and weaknesses.

Making the right choice will depend on the type of water you are fishing in, where and when you go fishing and other general fishing conditions. There are two types of materials including breathable and non-breathable materials.

  • Breathable materials: Technology has made it possible to have a chest wader that is both waterproof and breathable. Spending the whole day in the hot sun fishing will make you need air circulation. These materials will allow your keep your body cool and dry by wicking away your sweat. The other advantage of these materials is that they are very light to pack and move around in the water. In as much as the chest waders with these type of materials give you conveniences such as lightweight, versatility, comfort and durability, they are quite expensive. Examples include; Gore-Tex, Valour Tec and N2No among others.
  • Non-breathable materials: The main reason for wearing a chest wader is to keep you dry, and these types of materials are a good option. Besides from being cheap, non-breathable materials are easy to fix when damaged and are durable. They are suitable for cold weather as they will keep you warm. The disadvantages of having these types of materials are that they are heavy and not flexible, making it hard to pack and move. Also, they can be sweaty and stuffy on a hot weather. They include nylon, rubber, neoprene and canvas.


When purchasing a chest waders, it can be difficult to identify which size is most suitable for your individual needs. There are many sizing guides, with Orvis providing the most comprehensive guide for all types and specifications of chest waders.It is important, however, to check customer reviews of specific products because size recommendations vary. Therefore it is recommended you research to ensure you have a comfortably-fitted chest wader.

Type of Waders

Waders are grouped into two designs based on foot design. The type of waders that you choose from will depend on the condition and terrain of the water, the type of fishing you will be doing and how often you will be using it. There are two types of waders as explained below.

  • Boot-foot waders: These types of waders are designed with boots attached to them. They give you a familiar feeling when you wear them as they look and fit like regular boots.

This is a full package as you will need the boots to walk in the water. To make them waterproof, the boots are made of rubber. If you are a newbie angler, these types of waders could be for you as they are comfortable and ready to use.

The weakness of having these chest waders is that they make it uncomfortable to walk in rocks and gravel. Also, they may not fit you just right, can be bigger or smaller in size. However, you can still fish safely and comfortably in milder water conditions.

  • Stocking-foot waders: These chest waders have stockings or socks as feet made of neoprene. This means that you will need to buy yourself a pair of boots to walk in the water. This enables you to buy the best quality boot for durability and traction and also get the right size that fits you well. However, you may need to spend more on the boots if you have stocking-foot wader but suitable when you already have a good pair of shoes or boots.
  • Gravel guards: These guards are very important as they help prevent the gravel from entering your foot. A tip when buying a pair is to use your boot size so that you can get one that fits you well.


The differing material constructions of chest waders tend to mean different weights as they become immersed in the water. Neoprene is a very common material used in chest waders. However, neoprene does become very heavy once in the water, so keep that in mind!

For those who may struggle with the added weight. Nylon chest waders tend to be considerably lighter than neoprene.

Waterproof Levels

One of the main guarantees that the majority who use chest waders request is that the chest wader will ensure their body is protected from getting wet when fully immersed in the water. 

However, not all chest wader products on the market have this guarantee, with some products focusing on waterproof protection by providing high levels of reinforced stitching.

Therefore if you are concerned about getting wet and want a chest wader that will guarantee protection from the elements, make sure you check the product specification to see whether the company guarantees 100% waterproofness and whether there is double or triple reinforced stitching.

Value for Money

When buying waders just like any other purchase, you need to consider your pocket and budget. You can still get good waders on a smaller budget, but expensive ones come with amazing features such as durable shoulder straps, resistance to scratches and warm pockets. 

If you are going on a far-out angling adventure, high-priced waders could be the best for you as they are durable even after experiencing various conditions and obstacles. So it will be a while before you can go to a fishing accessory shop to buy another one.

The Best Chest Waders For The Money

This boot foot chest wader by TideWe promises to be 100% waterproof due to the nylon-reinforced PVC material as well as the taped seems which provide extra reliability. This product by TideWe has proved to be the best chest waders for the money because of the design concept which has prioritized the helping fishers have an enjoyable experience.

The product is fitted with H-back web suspenders that are adjustable as well as having quick release buckles that can more than stand up to any excessive forces generated in the water. Furthermore, the waders contain a neat storage facility in the chest pocket and drawcord which is perfect for storing tools and bait.

Another advantage of TideWe's chest wader is the fact that it is supremely lightweight. It is known in the fishing community to be 35% lighter than more conventional rubber waders. This lightness is due to the use of rugged nylon which is also much easier to store in your backpack. Wading can be exhausting especially after long stints in the water, therefore purchasing a wader that is light may be preferable.

The TideWe chest wader comes in sizes ranging from 7 to 14, do refer to the size chart to double-check which size is most suitable. An important tip for buying chest waders is that you should always select one size larger than what you think you need. This will ensure that your suit will not feel tight after multiple uses.

Frog Toggs chest wader provides incredible value and quality for the money and may be expected to be located the nearer end of the market when it comes to chest waders. With a slick camouflage design and a neoprene material construction, this camo chest wader has proved popular with many fishers.

One of the main advantages of this product design is flexibility for the fisher. The neoprene material ensures great movability for the fisher. Furthermore, the opening of the boots are a circular shape as opposed to an oval shape commonly found on wading boots. This prevents the boots for gnawing into your legs which can prove very painful.

Where the Frogg Toggs chest wader perhaps lacks is in the waterproof levels of the material. Some who have used the product refers to the chest wader not keeping the body free of water during a wading expedition. Furthermore, as the neoprene material is immersed in water, it becomes extremely heavy, which can certainly weigh down the enjoyment of wading.

Other issues that many refer to is a lack of long-lasting durability. Although many have had positive first experiences in using the product, others find that on the following expeditions the neoprene material tends to break down, particularly the spandex on the inside of the boot which tends to peel off.

Therefore, if you favor flexibility this product may be for you. But as a reliable long-term chest wader, it may not satisfy your needs.

This neoprene enforced chest wader by Hodgman offers an affordable wading option for those who are new to the pastime. The product features double-layer knees to provide extra support as well as a number of internal pockets to be used for storage or to warm your hands during cold periods in the water. The product is fitted with an elastic Y-back suspender as well as a D-ring on the rear which you can fit your net too.

One of the main advantages of the Hodgman chest wader is the strong insulation. The majority of those of who have used the product have used the chest wader at temperatures between 30-40 degrees and have suffered no cold-feeling at all. They are perhaps even best used in cooler conditions as some have complained at the excessive heat generated by the neoprene material in warm conditions.

A good tip for this product is to wear thick padded socks as the rubber boots tend to cause blisters on your feet. Further issues for the Hodgman chest water is the levels of waterproofness. Many have suggested that the product lacks strong waterproof protection when immersed in the water for long periods. If you are in the water for a long duration, be aware that you may leave with soggy knees.

Therefore, investing in this chest wader by Hodgman is an investment in warmth in cool conditions. However, like all neoprene chest waders, they become heavier when immersed in water and struggle in ensuring 100% waterproofness.

The Max5 Camo chest wader by TideWe is a sturdier version of the Camo product reviewed earlier. Constructed from neoprene 3.5mm upper, the Max5 Camo additionally contains a very tough shell constructed from poly/jersey with seams that have been triple-finished (stitched, glued and taped. This extra focus on sturdiness as ensured that the Max5 guarantees 100% waterproofness as well as being generally much more solid and reliable.

Another advantage of the Max5 Camo is the ergonomic rubber boots. They have been specially designed to ensure that the user does not need to wear socks whilst also reducing the chances of getting blisters on the feet.

 The 600 Gram 3m Thinsulate material provides a supremely high level of insulation which means that not only will your feet be kept dry, but also warm. Furthermore, the boots come with a rugged tread pattern which enables better balance and security on the water the wet surfaces you encounter whilst wading.

One issue you may encounter with this product is that the chest wader may ride up towards the crotch area which can become quite uncomfortable. This is, however, a sizing issue, therefore do consult reviews online to make sure you purchase the most suitable size for this product.

The Max5 Camo is, therefore, a much more reliably performing chest wader compared to the regular Camo product by TideWe. The products are both available for similar prices, therefore if you prioritize comfort and warmth in the water, perhaps the Max5 Camo is best suited to you.


There is clearly a wide choice of chest waders available to buy online. What this article has hopefully provided you with is a guide on how to navigate the vast array of choices to select the chest wader that is most suitable for you.

It is evident that the type of material you purchase is incredibly important. Whether it is breathable, non-breathable, heavy or light, you need to make sure what kind of material you and characteristics will improve and enhance your wading experience.

The majority of products reviewed have some sort of trade-off. Most commonly it is warmth versus weight and comfort/flexibility versus waterproofness. Out of these characteristics, you should identify which is most important to you. Are you fishing in wintery conditions? Perhaps warmth would be the most important feature of the chest wader that you purchase.

All the products reviewed in this article are towards the lower / mid-range of the chest wader products available. If you have a larger budget and want near perfection, there are further products online that can offer more features than the products reviewed here.

Finally, to make sure you get the best chest waders for the money, it is crucial that you research the sizing for each product. Although there are many sizing guides online, products do vary in the recommendations as some suggest you purchase one size higher, whilst others suggest one size lower than what you think you need.


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